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How do you spell “Fun”? S-P-E-L-L-N-O-W! SpellNow Year 1 is an exciting new way to encourage your child to practice their phonics and spelling skills. I guarantee they will have so much fun playing one of the six spelling games included in this app that they won’t even realize they are learning and spelling their way through the year!

SpellNow was designed to help your child practice and progress through their spelling in a year format. Each lesson is divided in to 4 10-week terms that follow a traditional public school schedule. Each term has 10 lessons within it that you can practice each week, or if your child wants, you can progress through them at your own speed. The lessons build on basic and essential spelling skills beginning with the basic CVC and CVV words and gradually increasing in difficulty by adding prefixes and suffixes and two and three letter blends such as –tch or sk-.

Each of the lessons gives the child the opportunity to practice their spelling by playing one of six games: Word Jumble, Word Match, Word Catch, Word Build, Word Hide, and Word Spell. Word Jumble gives the child a sentence with one word of the sentence scrambled up which the child must unscramble. Word Match shows the child a word and then they must choose the same word from a list of four choices. Word Catch is a game where the narrator says a word out loud and the child must select the birdie that is holding that word in their feet. Word Build gives the child a word by saying it out loud and then the child receives each letter of the word one at a time. They must then tap the correct position for that letter in the word. Word Hide shows the child the word momentarily, and then the child must re-spell the word from memory. Finally, Word Spell requires the child to type the letters of the word given by the narrator without any visual cues or hints.

I thought this app was a very high-quality and enjoyable app. The games and activities are really fun to play and are a great way to practice spelling the same words over and over again without it getting too boring or repetitious for the child. I love how the lessons are divided up and follow a traditional school year so you can use it at home to supplement what your child is doing at school or as a great tool for home-schooling. The one caveat I have for this app is that the narration is done with a British accent and there were a few times when my kids had a little trouble understanding what the narrator was saying and I had to re-pronounce the word for them. Those instances were pretty rare, however, and most of the time they could play this app independently and have fun with it. iTunes is currently offering this app for FREE for a limited time and I would definitely recommend jumping on that offer and getting it right away! This is a wonderful app that is an absolute STEAL as a free download!

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