Splish Splash Inn is a fun and educational counting app for young children. It comes in two versions, one for the iPad and another for the iPhone or iPod Touch. The apps are very reasonably priced and their quality is terrific. Splish Splash Inn features a hotel for sea creatures. There are ten hotel rooms and your child can tap on a door to meet the creatures living inside, the room number tells how animals are inside. The creatures appear one by one and the app counts them out loud. The number appears at the top of the screen and when the counting is done the narrator announces the final number and the name of the room’s guests. The narration is done in children’s voices and they did fantastic work. When the creatures are on the screen you can move them around with your finger. Tilting your iPhone or iPad will also make them float and move in different directions. Each creature makes a different sound when you tap on it and your child can play around with this feature to create music.

My 17 month old has become a big fan of Splish Splash Inn. As I’ve been testing the app she will climb onto my lap and start touching the screen. The combination of the cute graphics and the musical sounds has had her giggling. She especially loved it when she put her palm down on the screen and the animals made noise all at once creating music.

Splish Splash Inn is simplistic and engaging, a perfect combination for toddler apps. If you have one of those special little people in your home this would be $.99 well spent on a great app.

Price when Reviewed: $.99

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Seller: Shortstack

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this app for review purposes.

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