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Are you looking for an app that will help your kiddos review their Math skills in a fun and entertaining way? My nine year old is right at that point where learning Math facts becomes critical so I’m always on the lookout for a good app. We definitely could have used Squeebles Maths Race a few months ago when he was learning his multiplication tables.

Squeebles Maths Race turns Math practice into a fun race. Children can pick out their character, a Squeeble, and the fish they’d like to use as their racer. As they successfully complete races they’ll earn stars which they can trade in for new Squeebles and new fish. Correct answers move the fish closer to the finish line and players will  be racing against the computer or another player so there’s a friendly element of competition to the game. Nothing gets too stressful though because the app is completely customizable. Parents can determine what types of questions will be asked (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division – do you want one, some, or even all?). They can also determine the difficulty level of the questions that are presented as well as which multiplication tables are used in the problems. We could really could have used this feature at our house recently! There were so many times when my son was using a Math app to practice multiplication and he would get frustrated because he came to a problem with a times table he hadn’t learned yet. Squeebles Math helps parents avoid this issue. Parents and teachers are able to save these settings for individual profiles. When children are ready to start a race they can select the difficulty level of the opponent they are facing. I was impressed with all of the different ways that Squeebles Maths Race could be tailored to fit the individual needs of each player.

In addition to offering all this customization, Squeebles Maths Race also allows teachers and parents to track players’ progress as they race. They’ll be able to see how children are doing with each of the different skills. Where they are struggling and where they are improving. The app is designed for both the iPhone and iPad. I tried it out on my iPhone but I would suggest that children play it on an iPad if at all possible. I think they’ll have an easier time finding the right numbers on a larger device. Final thoughts: I’ve been impressed with the fun and functionality of this app and Squeebles Maths Race is here to stay on  all the devices in this house.

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this app for review purposes.

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