When all my girls were younger I used to have a daily summer routine that included study time. I wanted to make sure they kept up good habits and were prepared for the next school year. But,as the older ones have gotten jobs and even our summer schedules have gotten busier, it seems my 10-year old is getting off scot-free. (At least that’s what big sisters say.) This week I was determined to be the sneaky mom and get Sue to practice her math facts while helping me with a review of Squeebles Times Tables 2.

The nasty Maths Monster, from Squeebles Times Tables, is at it again. He’s capturing Squeebles and Whizz needs someone with savvy multiplication skills to help save them. All of them, there are 35. Six game modes are available to choose from with most of the practice for times tables 1-12. Extreme Mode kicks that up to include facts for 13, 14 and 15. After selecting your game you are given problems to complete, which are rewarded with stars. Practice time with the Squeebles is meant to be non-threatening and fun. Your time is recorded but not limited, unless you chooses that option during set up. Right answers get positive feedback and wrong answers get encouragement and correction. Two changes that I noticed in Times Tables 2 is the availability to have more than 4 user profiles and a countdown timer that can be added during tables tests.

Of the six practice games Sue’s favorite was Challenge Mode. In this mode there are six levels to complete and each level focuses on certain numbers and gives targeted practice. She also liked the profile cards that each of the Squeebles have and she enjoyed the bonus bubble game.  Bubble Ball is a simple game where a flipfish flicks a Squeeble across the river in a bubble ball.You earn extra turns and stars during game play. These stars can be traded for new bubble balls that have more speed or spin. I liked that it got us thinking about how that would affect the distance of our throw and incorporated some science into our math practice. 

For parents/teachers this app offers a Parents stats zone. It can be password protected and provides a great view of players stats allowing you to pinpoint numbers that need extra work. If someone has mastered a table you may choose to exclude it from the sets. Like the 1’s, great for racking up stars but not really needed for practice.

I have to admit I think my inclusion tactic turned out well for my daughter and I.  She had great insight for my review and she really enjoyed playing the app, which helped her brush up her times tables skills that have gotten a bit dusty lately. When I see my daughter choosing to practice multiplication facts in the middle of the summer I know an app deserves 5 stars. Squeebles Times Tables 2 has what is takes to turn practice time into fun time.

This app is also available for Android on Google Play.

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this app for review purposes.

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