There’s an adventure waiting to be had with Squirt the octopus pirate and not so crabby Captain Dungee. Their on a quest for buried treasure but the real treasure of this app is the increased letter knowledge your child will gain!

It’s all hands on deck  when you join the crew of treasure hunters to find letters, and gold coins across the island of the Seven Seas. There are four adventures to play through, unlocking new adventures as you go.  Squirt and Dungee will coach you through by telling you what letter they are looking for. Pop the bubbles to match three images that coordinate with that  letter. Children will earn a golden coin for each correct answer.  These coins can be redeemed in the pirate shop for accessories for our pirate and Captain, we made sure to get Dungee an eye patch and Squirt a roguish do-rag. Complete an entire adventure successfully and you earn a mystery treasure for the treasure room. Difficulty in this game increases as the objects gain speed to scroll across the screen.

If your child is just starting to make the connections between letters and their sounds you’ll want to play the game along with them. Vowels include objects that starts with that letter, indiscriminate of short or long sound. So, “A” could be short like in apple or work with bossy R as in aardvark. Blends are utilized as well, like glasses for “G” or snake for “S”. I think this could be very helpful. With some one-on-one tutoring to make the initial connections, kids will start to listen for and recognize that letters often make different sounds than you would expect. Another example of this is the handsome knight, an image that many young learners would associate with the letter “N” rather than the  letter “K”.  I enjoyed that the developer incorporated more than the typical flashcard favs to fill the entire alphabet.  When I was looking for images to match with letter “K” I spotted a cute little bird I thought might be a kiwi but it turned out to be a Xenops, new one for me. These items make the app a good stretch for children that have the “A” is for apple down pat.

I appreciate the effort that was made to cover  iPhone 3gs in the development, since that’s what many children may be using. The graphics and audio are crystal clear and the choice of characters and vocabulary images are engaging . We did encounter a glitch in that sometimes when returning to a previous adventure we could select the stop on the map  and other times had to restart the entire level, but more practice doesn’t hurt and it’s opportunity to find more gold coins. Overall I think Squirt’s Adventure sets the course for learning fun!

This app is also available for Android on Google

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this app for review purposes.

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