Did you have a chance to read my review last week of the Stack the States app? This is one that’s absolutely worth grabbing for your elementary aged kiddos. After I posted the review I was contacted by Dan, the developer, and he gave me ten promo codes for my readers. The first ten to leave a comment on this post will get one. Promo codes only valid in the US App Store.

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12 Responses

  1. Michael

    I would love to give the Stack the States app a try!

    Thank you so much!

  2. Janet

    Thanks to your review my daughter has been enjoying “Stack the States Lite” and would LOVE to upgrade to the full version. Thank you!

  3. Beth

    I’ve had fun with this game’s Lite Version! My 7 yr. old is even trying it with my help. Thanks!

  4. Melissa B

    This would be great for my son who’s starting to take an interest in the different states now.

  5. Joel

    My daughter keeps a book with a bunch of state facts and trivia. This would be a fun addition to have.

  6. -kim

    heather…after your first review of this app, i bought it for spencer, and he loves it! thanks so much for your review and your site!