As I’m sitting here, typing this review my six year old is right beside me using Story Patch to create a story. He saw me using the app and couldn’t wait to get his hands on it. Story Patch lets children (or adults) write and illustrate their own stories. When they are finished they can publish and share those stories by emailing a PDF copy. Older writers can begin a story from scratch and create something that’s entirely their own. Younger writers may select a theme and then answer a series of questions. Story Patch will use their answers to create a story. Whether a story is entirely their own or written with Story Patch’s help, a child can always edit and change things along the way.

Once the words are written it’s time for your child to add their illustrations. Literally hundreds of images are included in this app. These images can be added to the pages, resized, rotated and moved until the illustration is exactly right. If your child can’t find the right character for their story then they can use a special tool to create their own. They can also import photo’s from the Photo Library and turn those into backgrounds for the illustrations.

Story Patch does a wonderful job providing an outlet for creativity. I think the developers were very smart when they created an app that could benefit older, independent writers as well as the younger ones. When it comes to creating the illustrations you will find that there are plenty of images available. I do wish they didn’t look quite so clip arty but that’s just a personal opinion. There’s no doubt your child will be able to find what the need to make their story great.

Price when Reviewed: $4.99

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Seller: Haywoodsoft LLC

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this app for review purposes.

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