Now that school has started, here is a fun app to help your early elementary school students practice sentence structure.  StoryBot lets you use either preloaded stories or create your own to engage your children in learning about word placement and site words.

Perfect for Kindergarten and first grade children, StoryBot includes examples, each with four pictures and sentences.  When you play, each word in the sentence appears in a cloud over the picture.  The player needs to select the words in the right order to create a sentence.  You can create your own stories with pictures from your phone.

It took a little while to navigate through the various options so I’ll try to lay them out clearly for you:

1)      Choosing a voice to read the stories:

Robot:  On the home screen, on the bottom right (on the red robot!) is a little icon to change the settings.  In settings you can choose from three fun robot voices and change their pitch, tone and speed.  You can use these robots to read the stories (including the stories that you create).

Custom Voice: You or your child can record a voice for the stories.  In “make” tap the story you would like to edit.  If there is more than one picture in that story, tap on the appropriate picture.  You will now be on an editing screen here you can edit the photo, sentence or voice.  To change the voice, tap “record your own voice” only once so the red dot lights up.  Then tap “save”.  This will bring you to the actual recording screen.

2)      Cloud Speed: When you choose to play the story, one of the options is the cloud speed.  You can choose based on personal preference the speed of the word clouds, from stationary to very fast.

3)      Word Hints: The second option before playing is whether you would like word hints on.  If you choose to have this option on, when you start play you will hear your sentence read (either by robot voice or your recorded voice).  The voice will then say “Tap (first word)” then “Tap (second word)” etc.  I found the robots spoke a little too fast when saying “tap” followed by a short word (it, a). If you choose not to do word hints, the words will only be read when you actually tap on them.  Your sentence will be read every time you add a new word to it as well.

StoryBot is a cute app to help early readers practice site words and simple sentence structure.  Little ones will love using their own pictures to create new silly stories with you.  Combining the audio and visual for each word will help reinforce site words for prereaders!

Price: $1.99

See the app in iTunes

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 5.1 or later.

Seller: Glen Storey

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this app for review purposes.


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