I’m old enough to remember the original Strawberry Shortcake and the dolls that I played with when I was a girl. I think it’s wonderful that Strawberry is back again and I am thrilled that my own girls have a chance to meet my old friends.  My four year old, Miss J, is a fan of the television show, and that made her my obvious choice as my expert tester for this review. Here’s our look at Strawberry Shortcake Berryfest Princess!

Story: Readers will find “a royal adventure” in the Berryfest Princess story. It is an interactive storybook app that follows Strawberry Shortcake as she works to become Princess of the Berryfest. Each page has several things for children to tap on and discover. There are also pages that have more extensive activities. Miss J enjoyed the part of the story where readers can play dress up with Strawberry and her friends. Each character has a turn and readers can browse through the clothes and accessories, dressing each one up for the ball. At the end  parents will find a “Grown-Up’s Corner” with questions that they can use to begin discussions about the story.

Coloring: Back on the main menu there are several activities for children to choose from. In Coloring children can choose from coloring pages that showcase different characters or they can select a blank page. There are a variety of coloring tools available including chalk, spray paint, crayons, paint brush and a paint bucket. Many color shades are available and children can pick the size of their tool by sliding a tab along a line.  I liked this feature because it allows them to select a precise size rather than choosing from say, three preset sizes. In addition to coloring pictures, children can add to their coloring page. The stickers feature Strawberry, her friends and other berry wonderful items. I asked Miss J about her favorite part of Coloring. Her reply? She liked coloring, with everything.

Tea Party:  The Tea Party  was a wonderful surprise in the Berryfest Princess app! At the end of the story readers are invited to have a tea party. They set the table, make juice and set out treats for their friends. If they tap on the plates and cups with their fingers then the treats and drinks slowly disappear. Not to worry though, there are more goodies to pass out! Miss J enjoyed inviting me to tea parties and it’s a fun way to add in imaginative play. I was not the only one asked over for parties, I happen to know that her big brother and several stuffed animals also made it on the list. Her big sisters however, were not so lucky but maybe next time they’ll be on her good lside. Now to give credit where it is due, this isn’t the first time I’ve seen the tea party idea in an app. Toca Tea Party has an entire app that does this and it’s long been one of our favorites, but I really like the way Berryfest Princess takes the idea and works it into their story.  Even after children are done with the story they can go back and have tea parties again and again.

Croquet: As part of the Berryfest Princess storyline, Strawberry Shortcake plays a game of croquet. Children can play their own croquet game and the developers have added an educational twist. They present a word that is missing a letter. Three croquet balls are shown, one of them has the missing letter on it. Children are asked to tap on the ball that shows the missing letter. After they make their choice strawberry will tap on the ball, sending it through the croquet hoops. If it is correct the Berrykins who are watching the game will cheer. If the letter is incorrect then they will get another try. Miss J enjoyed this game but at times it was a bit frustrating for her, being just beyond her skill level. She kept going back to it though and would ask for my help with the letters and spelling.

My overall impression of Strawberry Shortcake Berryfest Princess was very positive. In my opinion you get your money’s worth and I appreciate the fact that this is not an app filled with “fluff”. There’s plenty of fun to be had but you will also find solid educational activities. The graphics are wonderful, everything looks and feels like the Strawberry Shortcake brand and all runs smoothly. This app is a berrytastic winner!

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this app for review purposes. 

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