Looking for the perfect outfit, but don’t have the time to browse through dozens of stores trying to find it? Thanks to the Stylr: Local Shopping app, you can browse through nearby stores from the comfort of your home or office and then only venture out once you’ve found exactly what you’re looking for.

Unless you’re a teenage girl, chances are you have very little time to bounce from store to store, trying on tons of outfits until you find just the right one. Most of us have such limited time to shop, or your little ones would rather do something like go to the dentist over going clothes shopping with Mommy. With this app, you can browse clothing by store, or narrow the search by filtering for color, price or brand.

The app was a little overwhelming for me at first, as I live in a big city where there are basically an endless amount of stores. However, after playing around with a location change and narrowing down my search to only include dresses of a certain color and within a certain price range, I quickly fell in love with the app. Once users find something that they’re interested in, they can select a size and color and the app tells you if the item is in stock nearby. I loved being able to see which dresses were on sale and knowing that I could eliminate going to stores if they didn’t have anything I was interested in. Another great feature is that the app gives you directions to the store once you’ve found your item.


I would highly recommend this app for anyone who doesn’t have a lot of time to shop, or just doesn’t like the process very much. Stylr makes sure that you don’t waste any time looking for clothes, and it makes everything from browsing to getting there super easy. I will definitely continue to use Stylr before I venture out on any upcoming shopping trips! I almost forgot to mention the very best part about this app… it’s completely FREE!


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  1. Gautham Lurk

    I agree, it’s a perfect app for women looking for local shopping deals.


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