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“I want my app reviewed”, “How do I get my app reviewed” and “How do I get moms to review my apps”. These are the top questions we get at TheiPhoneMom.

If you want to get an app reviewed on please fill out the below form. Review requests made via email will not be responded to so please use the form. While we try our  best, because of the very high volume of review requests we get each day, it’s simply not possible to feature every app on the site.

Don’t forget we offer app testingexpedited reviews and advertising packages for increased exposure to our readers. If you’re looking to get your app in front of tens of thousands of engaged parents it is worth checking out our packages. Please remember too that our editors and reviewers maintain strict control over the editorial and review process. While we offer programs to help you get a faster review and more exposure through advertising and promotion, we don’t accept payment for guaranteeing a glowing review.


Review Types

There are several ways you can have your app reviewed on The Iphone Mom. While we try to give everybody a Full Review, it isn’t always possible so sometimes we will instead add you to Ten for Tuesday or Friday Findings listings. You can also choose to be a Promo Code Sponsor for further exposure or take advantage of our App Testing service.

Full Review – This is a thorough review of your app. It will be an individual post and will include screenshots and a link to your app in iTunes. If your app is chosen for a full review you will be contacted for a promo code and provided with the review date. Due to the number of app review requests we get, reviews are typically posted ~6 weeks after submission. If you want an expedited review because time is of the essence please check out our expedited review package. Please note, paying for an expedited review does not mean you get a good review. Our editors maintain full editorial control.

Ten For Tuesday / Friday Findings – If we decide that we can’t give you a full review, then we may add you to our weekly listings. It is not an individual post but rather a mention on a list that is published weekly. At the end of each month a Ten For Tuesday / Friday Findings e-newsletter is sent out with links to all of the posts for that month and it will include your app’s name. It will include a link to your app in iTunes or Google Play store and a screenshot where possible.

Promo Code Sponsor – Sponsoring a promo code contest is a great way to get your app in front of The iPhone Mom audience. Each week we post a list that includes the apps who are sponsoring contests. The list will include a short description of the app, link to iTunes and a screenshot. These contests are promoted socially and via our e-newsletters. The typical wait is ~3 to 4 weeks for a promo code sponsor. Priority goes to app developers with paid packages so if you want to guarantee your spot, check out our app advertising packages.

App Testing Service – By popular request, we are now offering app testing services to developers who would like us to review their apps and provide feedback; useful during beta-testing of new apps or functionality. There is a fee associated with our app testing service.

App Promotion & Advertising – Getting your app reviewed on the The iPhone Mom is a great start to getting your app in front of engaged moms. But that’s just the start, because at The iPhone Mom we want to get you lots of high quality downloads and make your successful. To do that we have designed several paid advertising programs that will supercharge your results. These packages are worth checking on our developers page.

Finally, please allow 7-10 days to hear back regarding your request. We receive many submissions every day; we make our way through the requests as soon as we can and appreciate your patience.

Thank  you!

The iPhone Mom Team