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Every parent wants the best for their children and most are willing to do whatever they can to give their child the best possible chance to be successful in life. As you raise your children, you get a crash course in Child Development learning as you go about what behaviors are typical at each age and what milestones your child should reach at certain times in their life. For new parents, this knowledge, or the lack thereof, is often the source of a lot of stress and anxiety. Super Baby is on a mission to eliminate that source of stress by giving parents the tools they need to become actively involved in their child’s development.

The first order of business is to set up a profile for your baby. This allows you to receive accurate information about your child’s development and track their progress. Once your profile is set up, you can access data regarding the milestones they should reach during each month of their first year as well as tips to help them reach those milestones by stimulating their senses and fine motor skills. There is also a section that gives parents “Red Flags”, or warning signs, that their child is not developing skills that are typically seen in children their age.

My favorite part about this app are the professionally done Exercise Videos that it provides to show parents some simple things they can do with their baby to encourage their development. The videos are broken down by age and give specific step by step instructions on how to do the exercises with your baby. Each video also features a parent with a baby that age demonstrating the exercises.

Oh how I wish I had this app when I was I new parent! It would have been so comforting to know that I had access to this information at my fingertips. I think knowledge about Child Development helps parents feel empowered, knowing they can make a difference in their child’s growth and development and give them a jump start to a successful life. As someone who has a degree in Child Development, I can honestly say that I found their collection of videos very comprehensive and their information about milestones and red flags was very accurate. The videos and narration are very well done and professional. I also love how apps like Super Baby provide ways for parents to interact with their baby which is key to developing a positive emotional bond with your baby. This app is a Free initial download and comes with several videos at each age for free. Other videos are purchased in app for $0.99 each or you can purchase a “Super Pack” of videos for $4.99. If you are a new parent who would like some help learning about your baby or an experienced parent who would just like some new ideas on how to play with your baby, then this app is one you won’t want to miss out on!

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