IMG_0092 Super Monkey Ball was one of the best games for the Nintendo Game Cube. It was a sad day in our house when the disc became so scratched it no longer worked. We tried the wii version but it just didn’t seem the same. I’ve wanted to try the Super Monkey Ball app for the iPhone but haven’t wanted to shell out $7.99. I got really excited (probably shouldn’t admit that) when I saw they’d come out with a Lite version that’s FREE. You don’t get the entire game but you do get three levels which is all we need at our house. At least until we become truly addicted to the game. Hopefully they’ll lower the price of the full app soon.

If you’ve never heard of Super Monkey Ball here goes. You have a monkey and he’s in a ball. Your job is to help him roll his ball along a course to reach the finish line. Sounds easy but the course will be bumpy and curvy and your monkey will probably fall off a time or two and you’ll have to start over. With the iPhone app you control your monkey by tilting and turning your phone. Again sounds easy but I really had to focus. I found myself getting distracted a couple times and oh, my poor monkey!

Your kids will get a kick out of Super Monkey Ball Lite. You probably will too. And did I mention it’s free? I’d grab it before they change their minds.

Seller: Sega

Price when Reviewed: Free

Price for Super Monkey Ball (regular version): $5.99

Click here to see the regular version of Super Monkey Ball at the iTunes store

Super Monkey Ball