Summertime Contests

Summertime is great for playing games and letting our imagination run wild.  Tap into your inner physicist with an addicting game of Incrediball. Or watch your child create imaginative pictures that animation brings to life with Magic Sticker.

Integrated Learning Contest

The future of education is ever changing. Integrated learning environments when I was a student meant cross curricular involvement, now a well rounded plan will also incorporate a technology element as well.

Vacation Planning Contest!

This week's contest has a great Sudoku game for the grown-ups and big kids in both pro and HD versions. Younger kids are going to love The Trip with Little Critters Reading Adventure and Game Pak editions and enjoy a giggle with Zap the Zebra as he's pestered by a crazy fly.

MindSnacks SAT Vocab Review

This year we have reached another milestone in our home. Its time for my oldest to take her first college entrance exams. I just knew there had to be something great in the app world that would be helpful. So, I Googled and that brought me a whole menu of things to choose from. Luckily, one of my first selections turned out to be a delicious app, MindSnacks SAT Vocab.