Goosed Up Rhymes

Are you ready for Mother Goose like you've never seen her before? Yes? Well pull up a tuffet and get ready for a wildly entertaining ride through...

Friday Findings

Color Car Mania - Anyone out there planning a road trip for Spring Break? If you're taking a trip with the kids then you might be interested in Color...

Jeremy Fisher: Buddy Edition

I'm so happy to see another Beatrix Potter title in the app store, I can never get enough of her stories. This is an adaptation of The Tale of Jeremy Fisher and the original illustrations remain in this understated app.

The Odyssey for iPhone

'll be honest here, I was a little nervous to open up an app that had "The Odyssey" in the title...I'm here to tell you that The Odyssey for iPhone was actually quite delightful.

Sleeping Beauty HD

Sleeping Beauty HD is a beautiful iPad app that retells the classic fairy tale. The illustrations are soft and seem to glow. They look like they came directly from a printed picture book.