Summertime Contests

Summertime is great for playing games and letting our imagination run wild.  Tap into your inner physicist with an addicting game of Incrediball. Or watch your child create imaginative pictures that animation brings to life with Magic Sticker.

Let the Good Times Roll Contest

1+1 Dice offers a new spin on math practice with a roll of the dice. We also have trendy illustrations for ABC recognition in Animal Alphabet Book and crystal clear photo graphics for a fun game of Eye Spy It. Enjoy!

Its a Zoo Around Here Contest!

If you are feeling like you're in a zoo maybe the new Curious About Shapes & Color will appeal to you. We also have three more great apps to help with last minute math practice, creative fun with animation and silly fun with tongue twisters. Enjoy!

Memorial Day Contest!

I can hardly wait for the Memorial Day weekend to slow down and relax a bit. We hope you have a wonderful weekend remembering those who defend our nation and enjoying time with your loved ones.

Integrated Learning Contest

The future of education is ever changing. Integrated learning environments when I was a student meant cross curricular involvement, now a well rounded plan will also incorporate a technology element as well.

Animove Africa Review

I think most of us are fascinated by watching wild animals and I’m excited to share my review of Animove Africa with you. You’ve probably noticed their spot on our home page. It brings a personal view of the animal kingdom to your hand held device with video clips and a hide-and-seek game.

Peter Pan: Disney Classic Review

Don’t you just love it when the wheel spins, the tumblers unlock and the hinges of the Disney vault swing open releasing a beloved classic? On February 5th, Peter Pan took to the sky once more with Tink, Wendy, John and Michael in newly released Diamond Editions. Always up for new adventures, Peter brought his friends with him to the app world in a classic storybook version as well.