Puppet Pals 2 Review

They say all the world’s a stage, but when you have a house full of shy children sometimes the only audience is Mom and Dad. For the most part my children are quite in public, only once you get to know them do they unleash their inner comedian. Puppet Pals 2 was a creative outlet that allowed them to show their talents without feeling intimidated or self-conscious.
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Memory Jar Review

When it comes to using the pictures I take, I’m the worst. I have grand intentions of putting everything together for easy access that everyone can enjoy. The unfortunate reality is photo storage boxes in the closet or unprinted images stored on the computer in a jumble labeled “My Photos”. I hate to admit that I do in fact take less pictures because of it. But I’ve found something to help me with my problem, Memory Jar!

Ditty Bop Review

Alright, all of you out there. You know who you are, the social gamers that love posting high scores on Facebook and playing Words with Friends. Maybe you like a bit of karaoke too. Well do I have an app for you. Ditty Bop takes the best of both scenarios and puts them together in a doo wop, jam fest.

Negative Nimbus Review

I sometimes wish for the powers of Mother Nature. No more rain on planned expeditions with the family or trips to the beach, but plenty for the pretty posies, I think I could get used to that. The cumulus hero in this runner game, Nimbus, is a bit on the negative side but who wouldn’t be it they were never invited to the party

Tizzy Seasons Review

When I was a little girl a my mother would say, “Now don’t throw yourself into a Tizzy” when she saw a tantrum coming on. So for a brief second I thought this might be a save-my-sanity app for parents navigating the Terrible Two’s. Turns out it is a beautifully illustrated, animated app introducing children to the seasons of the year