Have you ever had to referee a “discussion” over who’s turn it is with the computer or a video game? At my house we have conversations all the time and they generally include something along the lines of “they’ve been playing for an hour already mom!”. Which isn’t true but it’s funny how children lose the ability to tell time when they want a turn with something. Enter the app Take Turns. It was created by a dad who saw a need for an easy way to track who’s turn it was when playing with toys. Goodbye egg timer and microwave clock because Take Turns has features you just can’t compete with.

You begin using Take Turns by adding in your children’s names and assigning them a color and sound. Once the children are all entered you can easily rearrange their order if you need to. The next thing you’ll do is set the “Turn Time”. This is where you’ll determine how long of a turn you want your children to have. When that is finished it’s time to begin the timer. Now all you’ll need to do is tap the play button, Take Turns does everything else. It takes the first child’s color and uses that for the screen’s background color. A timer on the screen counts down the time until the next child’s turn. When the time is up the unique sound you selected for that child will play and the screen changes to the next child. The schedule will continue to cycle through the children until you press the pause button.

With Take Turns there’s no arguing over who’s had more time or whether or not mom remembered to start the microwave clock. If you happen to pause the app it can restart the timer right up from where you left off. If you leave the schedule running it will continue on in the background, even when you leave the app. As long as you don’t shut Take Turns down completely you’ll still hear the sounds and receive push notifications when it’s time to switch.

I just have two suggestions for Take Turns. First, it would be nice to have a manual way to switch turns just in case someone decided to end their turn early. Probably a rare occurrence but it could happen. Second, icing on the cake would be the ability to create and save multiple schedules each with different children, turn times, etc. Just a couple of frivolous wishes, as it stands now Take Turns is a well executed app that’s going to solve quite a few battles at our house. It definitely puts a spin of equality on playtime!


Price when Reviewed: $.99

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Seller: Kringelbach IT

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this app for review purposes.

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  1. Joel

    Don’t put me in the drawing, just wanted to comment.

    I would love for Apple to add the concept of profiles to the iPad, say for a person, and then to have sub-categories for each profile. For example, each profile could be set up with a subset of the available apps, not all that different from the profiles on a computer. Within that, if it was homework time, you could lock that profile into the homework category of applications, whereas when it is fun time, the fun category of apps would be available. Building into that a timer for either taking turns or to limit time in a given category would be cool. Having a dashboard similar to the Wii might be interesting, too, to see how much time is spent in different applications.

  2. Darcie

    Would love that – 3 of my 4 kids are constantly debating whose been on the iPod or iPad the longest..

  3. Kirsten

    With 2 boys SO close in age, this would be a fabulous app to add to our collection!

  4. sally

    Oh lord! With my four kids constantly arguing over who gets how long they get for their turn I’d realllllly love it. 🙂

  5. Christi

    With 5 kids, 2 adults and friends over all the time we could play Guitar Hero with no problems! lol! I’d love to have this one!

    • TheiPhoneMom
      The iPhone Mom

      Since I had 9 codes I decided to give them out to the first 9 comments. @Almost American, I’m going to email the developer tonight to see if I can get you a code as well. Cross your fingers! ~Heather


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