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Talking Times Table is a great app for kids who are learning their multiplication tables.  With Talking Times Table, kids can listen to the app ask questions vocally and listen to the answers while considering the correct answer.  The vocal interaction helps children quickly learn times tables, through listening to the questions and answers.  I thought that this app would be perfect for kids who are studying times tables in school.

The app consists of two main sections: study and test.  With the study section, kids can choose the times table they would like to practice, from two to ten.  With the test section, kids can select a level of difficulty and be tested randomly in all times tables from one to ten.  This app has a way to help kids with the multiplication tables they need to study the most – the app counts mistakes in order to ask the less known times tables more frequently, this way the kids can practice the multiplication tables they need to master. Some other features the app includes: speech recognition (iOS 10) so your child can answer verbally, text to speech, multi-user profiles, statistics, multi-language and more!

I thought Talking Times Table would be a great app for kids who are learning their multiplication tables.  I love how the app features the ability for kids to vocalize answers and hear answers read aloud – this can really help with the mastery process.  I will definitely be sharing this app with my son when he is a little older!

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