Tap Disc is a fast paced arcade style game that combines tapping with matching colors. The app was developed with separate levels for preschoolers and older players, making it a fun game for the entire family. The idea behind the game is to tap on the screen and collect flying discs. The discs change color and are worth points. When you tap on the screen you create a disc of your own. In order to collect the flying discs yours must be the same color when it bumps into the original. When they collide the flying disc will disappear and the points are yours. The process is trickier than it sounds because your discs change color as they stay on the screen. You must anticipate where a disc is going to fly, tap in that spot and then wait for it to change to the correct color. It’s all about the timing and it’s tricky. Bonuses and challenges are thrown in to the game. The app also supports Openfeint so you track how you’re faring against players around the world. The app comes with a thorough tutorial section. It’s broken down into three versions – fast, video or exhaustive. It should definitely cover all your questions!

As I mentioned, Tap Disc has a game mode just for preschoolers. It’s easier than the regular mode and features fun animals in the background and no the discs. I think it’s best suited for older preschoolers and elementary school aged children. The Standard (non-preschool) mode has three levels of it’s own – easy, normal and hard. The graphics are fun and sharp. Game play is smooth and I enjoyed the sound effects. Tap Disc is a casual game that works for a variety of skill levels.

Price when Reviewed: $.99

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Seller: Legal Radiation Team

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this app for review purposes.

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