Tapikeo is a very flexible app and a great educational resource. It allows you to create projects like personalized picture books (with narration), storyboards, schedules, flashcards and more. The app recently underwent a substantial update and I wanted to let you know about the changes that were made. New features were added and original features were improved upon.

This list of features and improvements comes straight from Tapikeo’s developer because I wanted to be certain I didn’t miss anything. You can see from the list below this was a big update!

New features

  • Possibility to rearrange the cells in a grid (among the same page), by dragging the cells to other places on one page.
  • In “edit” mode, it is now possible to record a sound related to two pictures.
  • In play mode, user can then drag and drop one picture to another picture and hear related « common « sound if it was recorded.
  • New “shake mode” : when activated, if a user taps the « shake «button, then a sound will be played randomly, a timer will start and little caterpillar will be displayed on top of the screen with as many circles in its body as there are sounds in the grids to be found. If user taps the correct picture, he’ll hear “hurrah” sound and the related circle in the caterpillar will turn blue; if not he’ll hear a buzzer sound, the related circle in the caterpillar will turn red and timer will get a 10’ penalty. At the end of one round, the total time is compared to high score and high score is updated if necessary.
  • High scores for “shake mode” can be followed-up in the Grid settings of each grid, and can be reset if necessary.
  • New grid manager was totally re-designed: much nicer visually with improved user experience,
  • In the grid manager, it’s now possible to export a grid in “HTML” format : a folder is then created with a file index.html. It can then be opened in any Safari/Firefox browser, by anyone, even when not owning Tapikeo (Possibility to display all pictures and play all available sounds).
  • A brand new “Download section” was added to the Grid manager. 5 packs of grids are proposed as In App Purchase, with a protection so that young kids cannot purchase them (it’s necessary to tap 5 times very quickly on the button to unlock IAP): “Animal sounds and names”, “Activities for pre-K and K”, “How to and social stories”, “AAC starter pack”, “kid songs”. Many grids are also offered for free and can now be downloaded directly from within the app!
  • For each grid, possibility to record an “introduction/presentation message” .
  • In the new grid manager, if user taps the picture of a grid, he’ll hear this « intro « sound. This will be especially useful for the kids or users who cannot read. The instruction will also be heard each time user selects the “play” tab.
  • On the “Edit” screen, it’s now possible to add text directly on a picture (can be zoomed and rotated with four possible text colors).
  • On the “Edit” screen, it’s now possible to select any cell from any other grid (including current grid) in order to copy all related info: picture, sound, caption.
  • On the “Edit” screen, it’s now possible to select another grid to « jump to «. Then, in the play screen, if user taps such a cell, he’ll hear related sound if any, and then the new grid will be immediately shown. This new feature was developed for AAC uses.
  • On the “Play” screen, a “previous grid” picture is shown in the bottom-left corner : all the history of grid changes is recorded, and if user taps the picture of a previous grid, he’ll go back to it immediately.
  • Tapikeo HD Premium features (export/import and creation) are now included in the base version, for free, so Tapikeo HD Premium In-App Purchase doesn’t exist anymore.
  • Contextual help was added on almost every screen: you just need to tap the small “?”.


  • In the screen to edit a cell, if user taps “cancel” but had made modifications, a pop-up is now displayed if there were modifications.
  • In the default version, the grids included will be in “full version” (not demo)
  • The previous “e-book” mode is now named “1by1” mode, since it was also widely used to create “step by step” grids (How Tos) in addition to creating stories.
  • If “1by1” mode is activated, then an indicator is displayed under the «lock « button in the Play screen.
  • Sound compression has been improved (lower disk space usage).
  • Saving pictures in better quality, for a better rendering in full screen mode.
  • The number of characters possible for each caption was increased to 300 (for those who use Tapikeo to create e-books).
  • In 1by1 mode, the arrows to change page (previous, next) have been re-designed visually, enlarged, and positioned at the bottom of the screen for a better access to kids and users with low motion abilities.
  • The “lock” icon on the “play” screen has been re-designed to better show when it’s on or off (it’s now blue when activated and looks “open” when not activated).
  • All buttons are shadowed when user taps them so that user understands whether the tapped or not.
  • A “delete” button was added in the Text input fields so that users can quickly erase existing content to write new one.

What a list! If you already own Tapikeo make sure you update the app and if you don’t then head on over to the App Store and take a look. The app is currently on sale to celebrate the launch of this update.

Price when Reviewed: $2.99 (Sale Price)

See the app in iTunes

Requirements: Compatible with iPad.Requires iOS 4.0 or later.

Seller: Jean – Eudes Lepelletier



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    Thanks for stopping by. I haven’t been wrintig nearly as much Chinese as I should be. Time for a renewed focus on my Chinese studies I think.I’ve just had a look at your blog, , and have to say I am impressed. I long for the day when I am able to blog in multiple languages. What I am thinking of though is tweeting in multiple languages. 140 characters really shouldn’t be too hard to translate and it would really make me think about what it was that I was posting on Twitter.


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