The Tareq wa Shireen Apps are based on a series of educational Arabic DVDs. The apps have been developed for children ages three to eight. Two apps are currently available, with more planned for the near future.

The first app is Discover Colors & Shapes with Tareq wa Shireen. The app has three different sections, Play With Us, Sing With Us and Color With Us. Play With Us teaches the children about different shapes and colors through mini games. Color With Us is an interactive “painting” activity and Sing With Us features songs from the Tareq wa Shireen DVDs. The app’s language is Arabic, which I don’t speak or read, but I had a good idea of what to do based on the graphics. That’s a sign of good design!

The second app is Discover Numbers with Tareq wa Shireen and it follows along the same lines. It too has been developed in Arabic and is designed to teach young children about numbers. Again, I couldn’t read the words in the app but the graphics were clear enough that I was able to try out the activities.

The developer of the Tareq wa Shireen apps tells me there are many more apps to come. They’ll soon be taking a look at animals, food, the four seasons and the Arabic alphabet. I enjoyed taking a look at the beginning of the Tareq wa Shireen series and getting a glimpse at what’s being offered around the world.

**Discover Colors & Shapes and Discover Numbers are both iPad apps.**

Price when Reviewed: Discover Colors & Shapes – Free ~~ Discover Numbers – $2.99

See Discover Colors & Shapes and Discover Numbers in iTunes

Seller: Rubicon Holding Group Ltd.

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this app for review purposes.

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