Remember back in the day when you’d come home with a great story to share with your parents and they’s say “That’s Baloney!” Sometimes sorting through what’s true and what’s baloney can be pretty tough, especially when it involves elementary school trivia that your kids have fresh in their heads and you maybe haven’t looked at for a while.

That’s Baloney! is a fun and easy quiz game designed to challenge your knowledge of facts taught in the elementary school level. The graphic setting is a retro kitchen complete with gingham table cloth and round topped fridge. Exactly what I’d expect when the lunchtime sandwich was made from bologna rather than a marinated chicken panini. Classic ketchup and mustard bottles control sound and give you the option of viewing other games at the EvancedGames website. (I think its nice that they list their site for parents to view rather than linking you directly to another app purchase.) It’s at the home screen you’ll make a user profile. You can have up to four players, then press “play” and let the quizzing begin.

Some statements are obvious and others can be tricky. Here are two examples from the 3rd Grade level. “A ‘fulcrum’ is the last bit of cookie on the platter after you’ve eaten a dozen.” (That’s Baloney!) “People in the developed nations are more than 5 inches taller now than they were 150 years ago.” (That’s True!) Choose correctly and you munch the bologna slice and earn food for your fridge. Choose incorrectly and you loose a pickle.  Loose 5 pickles and game is over.  I like that when you make a wrong choice a giant pickle appears with the correct answer and that you can review answers at the end of the game.

As a heads up to developers when tested on an iPod Touch 4th gen. we had some functionality issues. Although we played several rounds, earning apples, hamburgers and snacks for some reason our fridge was always empty and the app occasionally shut down. Those issues aside and despite the fact that all but one of us is out elementary school, pre-teens through adults enjoyed testing their trivia knowledge with That’s Baloney! It stacks up for a big snack of fun.

This app is also available for Android on Google Play

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this app for review purposes.

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