This app is purely for silly fun. The Book of Answers App works in a similar way to a Magic 8 Ball. You ask it a question and then it gives you an answer. With the Book of Answers you’ll thumb through the “pages” of the book and it will open to the page with the answer to your question. My question tonight was “Will I survive the first week of summer vacation?”. My answer was “Follow the advice of experts.” Perhaps those are the experts who recommend year round school. If you want to share your question and answer with your Facebook friends the app allows you to post them directly to your Facebook status. As I said, silly fun.

I also have a promo code for Love’s Book of Answers which operates the same way but focuses more on matters of the heart. If you’re interested in some silly love themed fun leave me a comment and I’ll pick a random winner on Tuesday.

Price when Reviewed: $.99

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Seller: salty snack studios

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this app for review purposes.

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  1. Michelle

    I have the Loves app, for fun, whenever one of my daughters calls me I answer with a different answer from the app. We love it.