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The Magic Poof is sure to win your child over at first glance! Who wouldn’t find a giant, talking, poof of hair entertaining?! This interactive storybook tells the story of young Ange-Marie and her adventurous morning getting ready for school pictures. Her preparations complicated by the magical poof of hair on her head. The “Poof” is talkative, curious, spunky, and wants to be noticed in Ange-Marie’s school photo. Ange-Marie, on the other hand, does not think it’s a good idea for the Poof to do anything outrageous for her picture—how would her classmates react if they found out she had a magical ball of curly hair on her head?! The two eventually come to a compromise, and both are delighted with how their school picture turns out.

This app offers a variety of reading options for the user, making it a beneficial and fun app for many ages. The “Read to Me” option is a great selection for those who can’t yet read comfortably on their own. The story is read to them, with each word highlighted as it is being spoken. “The I Can Read” option allows the user to read each page themselves. Both options allow the reader to tap on a word to have it highlighted and read to them. Each page is interactive, and it is up to the reader to decide when they would like to move on to the next page. There are objects, including Ange-Marie and her Poof, that make silly noises and movements when tapped on, and others that can be moved around to different spots on the page. Along with the interactive storybook, this app offers a hilarious activity where you are able to take a picture of yourself, and give yourself your own “magic poof”! There are 5 hairstyles to choose from, including a “magic poof” that you can drag around and make into your own crazy shape.

I love that this story has such a fun plot. It is clever and silly, yet somewhat relatable for school-aged children. Your child will forget they’re even improving their reading skills, because they’ll be so enthralled with the Poof and his outgoing personality! My 4 year old loved hearing the Poof’s funny voice while having the story read to him. The interactive aspects were fun for him as well, although I do think some of the noises and movements were a little repetitive and basic—some of them got a little boring after a while. The activity where you are able to shape your own magic poof was also a hit, and he loved moving the hair around to see what goofy shapes he could come up with. Whether listening to the story, following along, or reading it themselves, I’d say this app is a great way for kids to improve reading skills, while throwing in a big, curly, magical Poof of fun!

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