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Looks aren’t everything, and what better way to teach children this concept than with a charming eBook app called The President’s New Clothes. This modernized version of the classic Emperor’s New Clothes by Hans Christian Anderson, is a delightful re-telling with wonderful narration, unique puppet characters and fun interactive games that are cleverly hidden within each page of the story.

The vain President loves his wardrobe and takes great pride in his appearance. His attempts to one-up his outfits take an ominous turn one day when some scammers pass through town. Seeing the President’s obsession with his appearance, the scammers set out to convince the President and his advisers that they are capable of making the President the most beautiful and elaborate outfit he has ever seen (or not seen!) As the story unfolds we discover that the scammers never had any intention of sewing an actual outfit. They give him nothing and convince him that it is in fact a marvelous suit for him to wear. The President is too embarrassed to admit that he can’t see anything because he doesn’t want to look like a fool. He has nothing left to do, but parade around his kingdom in his underwear ultimately making himself look like an even bigger fool and realizing that maybe looks aren’t all their cracked up to be.

I love this Fairy Tale and I think this version is a brilliant re-telling of an old tale. However, the BEST part about this app is the fun and ingenious games that are accessed on every page by tipping the mobile device upside down. These games are unique and surprisingly addicting! Most of these games require the player to use their finger to move a puppet character around on the screen and complete various tasks. For example, in one game you must tap the screen and bounce a puppet from cloud to cloud higher and higher in the sky while avoiding birds. Another game requires you to guide the undressed President from hiding place to hiding place in the garden to retrieve the keys to the gate and escape from the garden. Regardless of whether you are listening to or reading the story or playing the games, you are sure to love this app. It is clever, unique, and above all very, very entertaining.

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