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Hot off the tail of Disney’s hit movie Frozen, comes this amazing adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen’s classic tale The Snow Queen. This e-book is filled with breathtaking illustration and challenging puzzles that children will love. While Frozen is said to be inspired by The Snow Queen, there are several notable differences between the Disney version and the classic version. However, if your children are Frozen fanatics like mine are, they will love hearing this version of the story as well.

In the fairytale version of The Snow Queen, a young boy named Kay falls on misfortune when a piece of an enchanted mirror falls into his eye and causes his heart to freeze. The Snow Queen swiftly gathers him up and carries him away from his home and his best friend, a little girl named Gerda. Determined to find her best friend, young Gerda embarks on a journey to locate Kay and rescue him from the hands of the wicked Snow Queen. Along the way, Gerda meets several friends who help her like a Robber Girl, a princess and a reindeer. These friends help Gerda collect the pieces of the enchanted mirror and direct her to her beloved Kay so that she can take him home and eradicate evil in the land forever more.
First and foremost, the illustrations in this e-book are absolutely amazing. It is like flipping the pages of a collection of classic art pieces. The colorful, intricate, and vibrant elements of each page are awesome. In addition, each page has fun interactive elements that bring this beautiful artwork to life. Tap the screen to make birds and butterflies take flight, fireplaces crackle and characters move across the page. The professional narration is wonderful as well and really added to my enjoyment of this story. Several times throughout the story, your child can put together puzzles of the illustrations which my kids loved doing.

An added bonus for me as I reviewed this app, was the discussion that it created with my children about the differences and similarities between this version and Disney’s Frozen. At first my kids were a little disappointed that Hans Christian Anderson’s version didn’t follow the Frozen storyline exactly. However, as the story continued, they became captivated by it and soon came to appreciate the original story as much as the adapted Frozen story. We had fun comparing and contrasting both versions and discussing why we liked or disliked certain elements of both stories. It is a great tool and opportunity to introduce your children to classic literature. One warning I would give, is that this version is a bit long and younger children may grow bored of it before the end.

I would highly recommend adding this story to your e-book collection. It was very well done and definitely a high-quality app for the price. The story itself is a Free download, however for an additional $1.99, you can purchase full interactivity in the app. In my opinion, it is definitely worth the extra $1.99! The Snow Queen, Animated Story app is beautiful, fun, interactive, and timeless.

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    Excellent Review,

    I did not know. With the advantages that you approached’m sure helps introduce children in classical literature.

    I will test this application, thanks.


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