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Preschoolers can enjoy a classic story with the newly released iPad app, Three Little Pigs – Interactive Book with Mini Games. In this version of the story each of the pigs has a distinct personality and the wolf is big and bad, but not too scary for young readers. The interactive book part of the app gives children three options for enjoying the story. They can read to themselves, listen to a narrated version while controlling the pacing/page turning, or turn on autoplay and let the narration and page turning go automatically. Each option includes fun music and interactive elements on the screen. While they are enjoying the story children can touch the different characters and objects on the screen for surprises that will add to the story. My favorite discovery was being able to make the pigs and wolf run even faster after the wolf blows down the pigs’ homes. My youngest liked being able to make the wolf fall down the chimney into the pot of boiling water over and over.

In addition to the story, there are games and activities that go along with The Three Little Pigs story. Children can color pictures, put together simple puzzles or play a memory game. The coloring activity is fairly simple, children tap a color and then tap on the section of the picture that they want to fill in. My 5 year old gave the coloring a try and she was a bit frustrated that there weren’t more colors or different ways to color in the picture. After listening to her talk while she colored, I think that the coloring section has been designed for the younger ages. I have the same feeling about the included puzzles. Each puzzle is made from a scene in the story and has been broken up into six pieces. Children can see a light version of the picture on the screen, making it easier for them to tell where the pieces belong. The final game is a game of memory. Different characters appear on the game cards and children are asked to find the matches. The game begins with four cards and as children win each game the number of cards will increase, making the next game more difficult. It was nice to see the memory game included, it felt like a good fit for older children.

After using The Three Little Pigs – Interactive Book with Mini Games app,  I found myself wishing that there was a way to adjust the difficulty level on the puzzles so that those presented more of a challenge for older preschoolers. Or perhaps some additional coloring tools could be added to the color section. Even though I think my kiddos are beyond the ideal age range for this app, we quite enjoyed the Three Little Pigs’ story and its included extras.

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this app for review purposes.

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  1. Gautham Lurk

    I loved this story as a kid. The cunning wolf trying to destroy pigs’s home and they cleverly reacting. I will definitely recommend this app.


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