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As a parent I have found that one of the most difficult and heartbreaking lessons to teach my children are social experiences that come from playing with other children. Whether it is at school on the playground or out and about in the neighborhood, it seems like there is always that one kid that only knows how to communicate with intimidation. Sadly, many times these situations escalate to a “bullying” problem for children and it is hard for them to know what to do and find the confidence to deal with it. Three Billy Goats Gruff is a delightful re-telling of the classic fairy tale with the same title. This story has a wonderful message and could be a great way to teach children how to deal with some of these difficult social situations that may arise!

In case you’ve never read the Three Billy Goats Gruff, it is a story of three goat brothers who long to eat the delicious grass and wildflowers that grow on the other side of a bridge. Unfortunately, the bridge is guarded by a large, strong, and scary troll who has staked his claim and won’t let any body (or goat) pass. Two of the goat brothers are frightened and intimidated by the troll’s stature and demeanor, however, the oldest brother is not. He recognizes that if they work together, they can outwit the evil troll and make it across the bridge. He comes up with an ingenious plan and, with a little encouragement from their older brother, the younger goats agree to try!

Three Billy Goats Gruff is truly a treasure among eBooks. Not only is the story engaging, but it is beautifully illustrated and professionally narrated to add to your enjoyment of the story. There are also fun activities interspersed in the story to keep kids interested and excited to read on. The illustrations are also interactive which is always a favorite with my kids. I also love the message this story conveys; that when kids stick together and use their heads, they can deal with difficult situations and people. I would highly recommend that you pick up this eBook and add it to your collection. It is certainly one that you will come back to time and again because your children will love it!

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