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The tale of the Three Little Pigs is a favorite of mine. It has been re-told many times and there are more versions of this story than I can count. Three Little Pigs: Star Tale is definitely one of my favorites! The story stays true to the original version and the professional interactive illustrations make this version one of the best!

We are all pretty familiar with the story of the Three Little Pigs. There is the Piggy who builds his house hastily from straw because he is too lazy to take the time to do it right. Then there is the Piggy who does a slightly better job by building with sticks. Finally, there is the Piggy who takes the time to do the job right with bricks. Of course, we can’t forget the hungry wolf with the healthy lungs that comes along to destroy the houses of all the pigs in an attempt to get some lunch! This app follows that classic story line beautifully while adding in some amazing interactive illustrations that truly add to the enjoyment of the story. Each page has different sound effects and elements of the illustrations that come to life. You can also choose to have the story read to your child or they can read it themselves or you can read it to them. There are also several languages to choose from, so your child can listen to the story in another language if they wish.

My family and I thoroughly enjoyed reading this e-book together. As I mentioned before, the illustrations are beautifully done and the sound effects are so fun! My kids had a blast changing the language and listening to a story they are familiar with in different languages. I also loved that the story stayed true to the original version. My preschooler has come back to this app several times over the last two weeks to enjoy the story of the Three Little Pigs. I love this app and I am happy to have access to classic fairy tales to share with my children. Parents and teachers, this is one e-book that you’ll want to add to your library as well.

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