What’s more fun than a barrel of monkeys?  Why an iPad of monkeys, of course!  Through in some coconuts, bananas, and some phonics decoding and you’ll have oodles of fun playing Tic-Tac Bananas!  This marvelous phonics game is a great way for younger elementary-aged kids to practice their reading skills.  This app comes complete with hilarious illustrations, fun sound effects and plenty of words to test their literary prowess!

This app is so easy to use…even a monkey could do it!  It comes with two modes: Practice or 2 Players.  In Practice mode, children are shown an illustration of an adorable cartoon monkey doing some sort of action.  The word describing the monkey appears at the bottom of the screen with the first one or two letters missing.  At the top of the screen are 4 choices of letters or letter combinations that you can select to complete the word.  If you get it correct then bananas shower down on the monkey.  If you choose incorrectly, then no bananas appear and the next picture comes up.  The 2 Player mode is essentially the same thing but with a game of tic-tac-toe thrown in the mix.  If you choose the correct letters on your turn, then you are given the opportunity to place either crossed bananas (x’s) or coconuts (o’s) on a tic-tac-toe grid.  If you are able to answer enough puzzles correctly and successfully place your markers to get three in a row, you win!

I really loved playing Tic-Tac Bananas.  This app is brilliant as it incorporates a favorite game (tic-tac-toe) with reading.  The silly monkey illustrations add a bonus element of fun and they are sure to elicit plenty of giggles from your kids as you play.  My only suggestion to the developer for this app would be adding the ability to select difficulty levels so that it would appeal to more ages.  For example, my kindergartener LOVED the game and wanted to play but some of the more difficult words with letter combinations like “sh” or “ch” are still a little too difficult for him.  My second grader also loved the game but most of it was almost too easy for her.  Other than that small request, I think Tic-Tac Bananas is an absolutely wonderful game and one that is sure to bring plenty of fun and learning to your home or classroom.

Disclosure:  I received a free copy of this app for review purposes.

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