Are you familiar with the world behind the face of the Tickety Toc Clock? Then you know all about Tommy and Tallulah and their Tickety Town friends. There’s a lot going in their lives but it all revolves around the ticking of the clock. When the hour is up Tommy and Tallulah need to take their positions at the top of the clock for Chime Time. During this Bubble Time adventure getting back to the clock may be a bit tricky, almost everyone is trapped in a giant bubble. Is there anyone left who can rescue them?

The twins are having a great time blowing bubbles until Hopparoo bursts their bubble. He just can’t stop hopping and popping but when the bubbles are all gone he feels bad and promises to never, not ever pop again.  Out of bubble mixture the twins find a new recipe to try. Their new unstoppable un-poppa bubble takes a turn they hadn’t expected trapping almost everyone inside. Only Hopparoo, who has promised to not pop again, is left to save the friends and keep the clock chiming.

This app is geared for early learning fun and explores the social skills of teamwork and community. With this adventure I like that they addressed keeping promises and knowing when its okay to make exceptions. I also like the way the element of time is presented. Not so much as what time is it? But more in recognizing that we have responsibilities and commitments that often require us to limit our play.

The adorable graphics are whimsical and I particularly love the yarn ball trees.  I think they will be very inviting to young viewers. In addition to the storybook there are four different fun activities (yes there is a time telling game here), coloring pages and a parent’s corner that has prompts for discussion with your child. Since my kids are a older I missed out on sharing this delightful series with them but I’m going to share it with my nieces and nephews for an unstoppable, un-poppable fun time!

This app is also available for Android on Google Play, Amazon, and Nook.

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this app for review purposes.

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