Do your children like to cook? Do you dream of having them step into the kitchen prepared to take a turn with dinner prep? If so, Timbuktu Pasta may be just the app you’re looking for. This fun app keeps children entertained as they help prepare Italian dishes for a monster named Eegor. The recipes are authentic, so who knows? Your kiddos might just end up teaching  you a thing or two in the kitchen!

My nine year old helped me try out the free version of Timbuktu Pasta, this version comes with three recipes for little chefs. The pro version comes with seven additional recipes, for a total of ten. The first thing children will do is choose a recipe off the menu. Mr. O decided to begin his culinary adventure with Mad Macaroni. After choosing his dish, the next screen showed him a skillet, a variety of ingredients and the Mad Macaroni recipe. His job was to combine the correct ingredients in the skillet. When he was finished the Timbuktu Pasta chef put the finishing touches on the dish and announced “It’s Ready! Serve it to Eegor!” This is the big test. Eegor is the restaurant’s customer. He is also a big, hairy monster. If the dish was made with the correct ingredients then Eegor will gobble it up and give players a big smile. If it was made incorrectly then look out! The pasta dish will come flying right at you! I think my nine year old enjoyed making things wrong so he could watch the pasta fly more than he liked getting things right!

After seeing Eegor’s reaction children can take a picture of themselves and put their face on a “Certificate of Merit” or “Certificate of Demerit”, the award they receive depends on Eegors opinion. The Certificate of Demerit was our favorite because the chef has a mess of pasta on top of his hat. Mr. O enjoyed putting his face on that picture!

Timbuktu Pasta was a hit at our house and my children definitely enjoyed seeing the monster Eegor’s reaction to their cooking. At the time of this review Timbuktu Pasta Pro is $3.99 at that seems a bit high for ten recipes. I would start with the free version and see what your little chefs think. If they’re begging for more than go for the upgrade. You might even find that this doubles as a recipe app and you’ve got yourself some dinner ideas!

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