Summer is here and if you’re like me you’re bound to begin looking for outings to get out of the house. We hit 2:00 and it becomes a matter of getting out or getting on each other’s nerves. My kids are getting to the age where the park doesn’t hold the same appeal it used to so I have to get creative. Two of them would love nothing more than to wander the mall all day but the mall gives me hives and a migraine. I avoid it at all costs. So what to do, what to do? One thing I know is I’ll be using the Time to Enjoy app all summer long, and beyond that in fact. This app is awesome, that’s all there really is to say. The app is free and it lets you select a date on a calendar along with a time and then it pulls up a list of activities going on in your surrounding areas. To see something different all you have to do is tap on a different time on the calendar. I was surprised and impressed at the number of items that appeared on the things to do list. To be honest, I was expecting it to be rather bare bones. I don’t live in the biggest city and other apps with a similar concept have been a little disappointing. Not this one, I could easily find several things to go and do with my children right now.

The list on its own is fantastic but the app goes beyond that with some slick customization features. It has a must have for me in the ability to search for locations. By default it takes your current location and searches for events nearby but you can adjust the search radius and you can look in a different city entirely. Perfect if you’re going on a trip. Another great feature is the filter. You have the ability to personalize the search by telling Time to Enjoy how often you attend different categories of events. It will then take your input and use that to adjust the results you are given.

Now when you find the perfect event you’ll be able to access an event description and directions. Some events will allow you to purchase tickets and the app may also provide information about the performer or additional events at the venue. All have a link that says “Google this event” and when you tap this button you’re taken to a Google search page for the event. If you’d like to invite friends and family along with you there are buttons to pull up email, Twitter, Facebook and texting. Finally, and maybe most importantly, is the button that says “Add to My Calendar”. If you give that a tap the event is automatically put on your iPhone’s calendar. So quick and so easy! In the app’s settings you can determine whether or not you want to set up alerts for the calendar events and if you’d like email notification of event changes and cancellations.

Did I mention Time to Enjoy is free? Because I’m having a tough time believing it. Download it, tell your friends, start using it and get out of your house to avoid the summer blahs. That’s my plan!

Price when Reviewed: Free

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Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 5.0 or later.

Seller: uTemporis

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