If you have a 3rd grader who is learning Times Tables, then do I have the app for you!  Times Tables Trainer HD is a wonderful app that provides several activities that will teach, motivate and encourage your child as they learn their multiplication.  This app is only $0.99 in iTunes which is a great bargain for all that you get to help your child.  I have never been a big fan of flashcards.  I mean really, what could be more boring?  This app takes the rote-memorization theory of flash cards and mixes it up with several ways to teach and test times tables.

This app includes activities for times tables from one through 12, and an extra “Mixed” category that includes all of the numbers.  Each number from 1 – 12 has a “Learning” section and a “Practicing” section.  In the “Learning” section there are six activities to choose from.  Each activity will show the complete equation (such as 1 x 8 = 8) for a few moments and then one of the numbers will fade out leaving an incomplete equation (such as _ x 8 = 8).  You must then fill in the correct answer.  A gold star rewards you for each correct answer and you earn cute green smiley faces when you answer a certain number correctly.

The “Practicing” section has eight activities to choose from for each number from 1 – 12.  The activities in this section, however, show incomplete equations from the start so that you must recall the correct numbers from the “Learning” section.  Some of the activites are multiple choice and some are fill-in-the-blank.  I like this section because it provides several different ways of quizzing you on the same concept.  It is not nearly as boring as flash cards because each variation challenges you in a different way.  Once again, you are rewarded with gold stars and smiley faces for correctly answering each question.

As a parent, I appreciate that this app tracks your progress and scores so that I could keep track of how well my child was learning.  For some reason, it always seems to go over with my kids better when I tell them to practice something on the iPad rather than with paper and pencil.  Again, I really liked the variety of activities that this app provides.  I think it is important to test concepts in various ways to really make the concepts concrete in our minds.  I don’t have any children who are learning times tables right now, but my 5th grader played it for awhile and she said “for math, it was pretty fun!”  Times Tables Trainer HD is a great app for parents and teachers alike.  It is a fabulous way to add variety to learning times tables at home and in the classroom.

Disclosure:  I received a free copy of this app for review purposes.

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