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If you have a preschooler who loves construction equipment, then Tiny Builders is the app for you! This adorably animated app allows children to explore their very own construction site. They can learn what the different pieces of equipment are and what they do. They will have hours of fun playing and exploring this city block that is full of activities.

The construction fun begins by having your child create and customize their builder. They can choose from several different faces, skin tones, hair colors, clothing styles and colors. They can also choose which piece of machinery their builder will use and the color it is. Then, the real fun can begin. Your builder and their machine become a part of a city block that is swarming with construction activity. Various pieces of equipment are placed around the scene and your child can tap on each one to discover what they do. They can lay asphalt, break up a sidewalk with a jack hammer, or even use a crane to stack blocks and build buildings. Other workers need help painting houses, laying bricks and building a roof. Children can go back to their favorite activities as often as they’d like or start completely over with a new builder each time.

This app is super cute and super fun. My little boy has loved playing with the construction equipment and learning what each piece does. His favorite thing to do is to use the track hoe to dig a hole and dump the dirt in the back of the truck. Children seem naturally curious about large equipment and this app is the perfect way to allow kids to learn and explore in a safe and age-appropriate way. Tiny Builders is perfect for toddlers and preschool-aged children. They will love learning and building with their very own Tiny Builder.

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