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Old MacDonald’s Farm has nothing on Tiny Farm! On this farm there was a motorcycle-riding Grannie, a zip-lining swimmer, and a fun egg-laying contraption. That is just a small example of the silly fun you’ll discover in Tiny Farm – Animals, Tractors and Adventures! This app is loads of silly fun and your kids will have a blast uncovering all of the hidden interactive elements.

This app comes with four scenes to explore and discover. On the Farm has a daytime and nighttime scene. There are fun animal sounds to discover, apples to pick, and a piggy to give a shower. If you look carefully, you can spy granny in the shed waiting to ride away on her motorcycle. Click the lever on the sunshine and you can switch to the nighttime mode. Here, you can spy on the people in the house and see what kinds of adventures they have when the sun goes down. There is also a countryside scene, complete with a pond to swim in and a zip line to ride. You can help the combine harvest the grain and swing grandpa on the tree swing. Finally, there is the barn. Here, you can listen to animal sounds, help the eggs the chickens lay make it to the conveyor belt, and even see a housekeeping robot. Virtually any place you touch on the screen elicits a silly sound or a funny action.

This app is really a lot of fun. It is a great app especially for younger children, who are just learning how to use an iPad or iPhone. With a simple finger tap, the pictures come to life and provide entertainment and fun for the player. It is also a fun way to teach children about life on a farm and some of the things they might see on a farm or in the country. This app is very easy to use and would be a great way for kids to pass the time in the car or while you are trying to get your grocery shopping done. With so many things to discover and find, it will keep them busy for quite a while. Tiny Farm is a fun app and lots of fun for kids of any age!

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