Anyone who has a preschooler or has spent any extensive amount of time around one knows that their attention span is very short.  A 2 -3 minute stretch of time is about what you can expect on a good day!  Tiny Play Box is a perfect app for your preschooler because it provides 10 fun and stimulating activities for your kids that they can bounce between to their heart’s content.

This app comes with 10 activities to entertain your child.  There are matching games, balloon popping games, fishing games and even a fun game of catch!  These games are all very easy to figure out making it user-friendly for even toddler-age children.  The games keep track of your successes and award stars when you reach certain milestones.  However, none of the games are “scored” so your young children can enjoy simply playing the games without the pressure to win.  Each of the activities, while very simple in concept, still has plenty of educational value.  Your children can enhance their hand-eye coordination, concentration and memory skills!

There are several fantastic things about this app.  For one, it is 100% FREE without any in-app purchases and no annoying ads within the app.  Secondly, for a Free app this it comes with quite a few activities for your child.  Third, each of the games are simple enough for young children to figure out while being stimulating enough to keep them occupied AND they have some great educational value.  That being said, there are a couple of not-so-fantastic things that I must mention.  The graphics and illustrations in this app are not the highest quality that I have seen and some of the characters are kind of strange looking.  Also, the activities in the app are VERY simplistic and basic so they are most appropriate for older toddlers and younger preschoolers.  Older children will not find this app very fun at all.  Keeping in mind that this is a FREE app, I would recommend it to my fellow iPhone Moms.  For families with young children, it is a great find and sure to provide hours (or minutes!) of fun for your kids!

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Monica is a mother of four incredibly bright, talented and energetic children. She has a bachelors degree in Child Development and nearly 11 years of experience as a mom to help her find and recommend great apps for your family. When she isn’t caring for her family or researching and reviewing apps, you can find her volunteering at the elementary school, torturing herself at the gym, or hiding out with her nose in a good book.

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