Tiny Techies is a parent run company behind several apps for children. Today I’m reviewing several of their apps.

Snap! Junior

Snap! Junior brings the traditional card game to the iPhone. The game is for one or two players and has three different skill levels. The skill level you choose will determine the pace of the game. The lower the skill the slower the cards will turn over. The concept of the game is simple, watch the cards turn over on the screen. When you see two matching cards tap the “snap” button and earn a hit. The app will keep track of your hits and misses. Cards are decorated with an alphabet letter and accompanying picture. If you decide to play Snap! Junior with two players then you will each have a separate “snap” button. The app is a nice “graduation” from simple flashcards. Children who can recognize their letters will do well with this game. When you purchase Snap! Junior you’ll be able to play it on your iPhone or iPad.

Price when Reviewed: $1.99

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Tiny Tube

Tiny Tube works as a YouTube player for your little ones. Using your YouTube account you select videos and add them to your favorites list. When you use Tiny Tube you’ll sign in with your YouTube name and password. The videos you’ve added to your favorites will now appear in Tiny Tube and you’ll be able to play them for your children. This method removes all of the extra suggested videos that YouTube ads at the end it’s clips. You’ll have the content but not the “ick” that might come along with it.

Tiny Tube works but I found it to be just a tad finicky. My favorites did not immediately appear in the app, it took some time. The playback was also spotty but I’m not sure if that’s because of my wi-fi connection or the app. Sometimes they played, sometimes they got stuck loading. A few times I had an error saying the video format wasn’t supported. When it worked it was great and I’m excited to have some Team Umizoomi video on my phone for my toddler. I just think the stability needs to be slightly improved.

Price when Reviewed: $.99

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The Little Explorers: Hamish the Hippopotamus

The Little Explorers are a pair of globe trotting children who are traveling around, meeting different animals and exploring their habitats. This is the story of their day with Hamish the Hippopotamus. The story fllows Hamish around as he swims, eats and visits the other hippos. The story is told in rhyme and app with a narrated version as well as one without. Also included is a pronunciation guide for two Swahili phrases that are used in the story. The price seems a smidge high for the length of the story and extra bells and whistles.

Price when Reviewed: $2.99

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Seller: Katrina Read

**I have two promo codes to give away for both The Little Explorers and Snap! Junior. If you’re interested leave me a comment with the app you’d like to win. I’ll randomly select the four winners this Wednesday. Promo codes only valid in the US App Store.

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this app for review purposes.

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  1. PlanningQueen

    The snap game looks great – I can’t win the code as I am in Oz and they don’t work, but thanks for the review Heather!

  2. Eugene

    I’d love one for The Little Explorers. My kids can’t get enough of story books.

  3. Jellybean Mama

    Hey iPM, I’d love to throw my hand in for a chance at the Snap!Junior code.
    Thanks! Happy Thanksgiving!


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