Did you ever use flashcards to study when you were in school? I remember flashcards well, and most importantly, I recall that they were very effective teaching tools. TinyGenius is a flashcard app geared towards young children (birth through toddler) to help stimulate them and to help them learn. Including categories ranging from animals to food, TinyGenius will teach your child about the world around them. Each gallery of flashcards can be viewed separately or you may choose to play with all of the cards at once. The main categories are: Newborns, Animals, and Food. I should mention that in all three sections you are able to play in several languages, not just English (11 different languages total), which is a nice option to have.

Newborns: In the Newborns section, your baby is shown high contrast images that will help to develop focus and stimulate their vision and senses. You are shown a flashcard with an image – for example, squares – and then you are able to change the image from black and white to color, have the name of the image vocalized, and hear a sound effect to go along with the image. There are a variety of images on the Newborns flashcards including: shapes, people (mother, father), and objects such as the sun and moon. Overall, this is a really neat introduction to shapes and sounds for newborns.

Animals: In the Animals section, your child is shown images of several different animals. On each flashcard, the name of the animal is vocalized, and you can hear the sound the animal makes. Something that I thought was really interesting was that you are able to change the flashcard image from a drawing of an animal to a photograph of that animal – for example, first you see a drawing of a polar bear and then you are able to switch to a photograph version which depicts what the polar bear actually looks like in the wild. I thought that this photography feature was really great – because it will teach your child what the actual animal looks like. There are a wide variety of animals shown in this set of flashcards, anything from farm animals, to zoo animals, to domestic pets. I really enjoyed this section and I know that my son will love it because he loves animals!

Food: In the Food section, your child is shown images of various types of food. Your child is shown a flashcard with an image – for example, a bunch of bananas – and then you are able to hear the name of the food vocalized, hear sound effects, and once again as with the Animals section you are able to change the image from a drawing to a photograph of a real bunch of bananas. There are a variety of food images available ranging from fruit and vegetables to items such as pasta. Overall, a great section for teaching children about different types of food.

I thought that the TinyGenius app was a really interesting concept. The look and feel of the app is wonderful – colorful graphics, engaging sound effects, etc. I know that my son and I will enjoy learning together with this app and I definitely recommend giving it a try!

Price when Reviewed: Lite version is Free, Premium version is $1.99

See Lite version of app in iTunes

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Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later. This app is designed for iPhone and iPad.

Seller: Gilberto Fernandez

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this app for review purposes.






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