Over the years, my iPod Touch has become a fabulous exercise buddy and I rarely hit the gym without it. Here are some of my favorite apps and tricks for turning the iPod into a great workout accessory:

1. A Radio Station that Plays Nonstop Workout Music
When running on the treadmill, I get bored of listening to the same playlist saved on my iPod each time. Instead, I tune in to an awesome radio station called Fitmix.fm, which is an ad-free radio station that plays the latest upbeat gym tracks that really get me in the zone and get my heart pumping.  To access Fitmix.fm on your iPod download the TuneIn Radio app and search for “Fitmix.”

2. Training Podcasts
Why splurge on a personal trainer, when you can get one for under $10 at iTrain? iTrain offers audio workouts, which you can download on your iPod. What’s great about it is that a personal trainer coaches you through the entire workout. I have used several of their treadmill workouts, because it is really motivating to have a trainer telling you in your ear to keep going otherwise I tend to lose speed and cheat. If you’re into other exercise such as spinning, yoga, or strength, they have a wide variety of beginner to intermediate level workouts for those as well. Plus, all the workouts are audio-only, so it’s a great option for iPod Nano users.

3. An Abs Workout in your Pocket
When I don’t have time for a lengthy workout session or I want to get an abs workout in after a cardio session, I simply lay down the iPod Touch on the floor and load up the Daily Ab Workout app. The app contains quick 5 to 10 minute routines with easy-to-follow videos and instructions. There’s also a timer to help you pace your workout. I find it so much easier than trying to do it on your own and count each crunch. Plus, a quick look at the screen tells me if my position needs to be corrected.

4. Make the most of your iPod with Nike+
If you’re a running enthusiast, the Nike + Sport Kit is a must-have accessory for your iPod. The kit comes with a wireless sensor that you can insert in your sneakers (if you don’t own Nike+ sneakers you can buy a special sensor band for your shoes), which teams with your iPod Touch or iPod Nano to give you a summary of time, distance, pace, and calories burned when you’re at the gym or running outdoors. I’ve found that the data it provides is great to keep tabs on my overall progress and inspires me to push harder next time!

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