Do you have little ones who are fascinated with cars or things that go?  If so, you should definitely check out the new Tizzy Driving Adventure app!  With Tizzy Driving Adventure, kids will actually get “behind the wheel” and take a journey.  I thought that this app had a neat concept and that kids would enjoy it.

At the very beginning of the app, your child will select a driver, a little girl or little boy.  Once they have selected their driver, the journey can begin.  Next, they will simply tap the play button and the first destination on the map.  There is a beautifully illustrated map with a little road that goes around an island…each stop features a new and exciting game.  Ok, now it is time to get “behind the wheel”!  Kids will touch the key to start the ignition and then steer their car by tilting the iPad in the direction the car should be going (they cannot actually fail).  As children drive along, they will collect stars.  While little ones are driving along they can also play with turn signals, windshield wipers, radio (change the channel and it actually plays music) and other typical car features.  After driving for a bit, they will reach their destination and be taken to a fun excursion.  Some of the excursions and activities include: bird watching with binoculars, feeding fish their food, playing connect the dots on a map and much more!  There are even rest breaks (checkpoints) where your driver will stop and sleep in their trailer for the night before continuing on the road trip.  Safety first!

I really loved the Tizzy Driving Adventure app!  I think that this app is very cute and educational, too.  I enjoyed the variety of games and interactions.  The bright, colorful graphics and cheery music compliment the game well.  I highly recommend this app to parents of young children, I know I will be introducing it to my son!

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this app for review purposes.

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  1. Nicole

    Oh this looks cute. May have to put it on my wishlist. And ugh, now I wish my iPad had more space so I could put more stuff on it without having to delete.


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