Top Interactive Books for Kids

Here are our Top 5 Interactive Books We Love Right Now! Our roundup of some of the best interactive book apps for kids!


Chug Patrol: Ready to Rescue ~ Chuggington Interactive Pop-up Book

This one great interactive book app for kids. Come along and ride the rails with Wilson, Brewster, Koko and the newest Chugger – Chief of Chug Patrol – Jackman!  Kids will love this “traintastic” interactive adventure, there’s a great story, as well as lots of fun challenges to complete along the way.  As kids complete challenges, they will learn new skills and earn special Chug Patrol badges.  This app features a 3D pop-up scene layout, and Jackman will narrate as kids turn through each interactive scene.  Some of the activities in the story include: keeping the track safe by clearing logs, helping Wilson catch runaway wagons with the Claw Car, laying track with Brewster and the Chuggineers, cleaning up messy Chuggers in the Chug Wash and much more!  If you would like to share a fun interactive storybook based on the hit TV show Chuggington, be sure to check this one out!



Poppy Cat and the Bubble Volcano

Another interactive book my kids love is Poppy Cat and friends. Join Poppy Cat and friends as they as they set off on a brand new adventure – to the Bubble Volcano!  Poppy Cat and the Bubble Volcano is a beautifully done 3D pop-up activity book.  In this adventure, Poppy Cat will dive down to the ocean deep and explore, rescuing seahorses along the way, and solving lots of fun puzzles.  There are 16 beautiful pages of text, featuring 8 pop-up games and activities.  Some of the activities include: helping Poppy Cat and her friends pogo up and down to pop bubbles, guiding Poppy Cat’s submarine through a magical undersea world, piecing together a mysterious map that’s like a jigsaw puzzle and much more.  Children of various reading levels can enjoy the book, as it has 3 modes: Read to Me, Read it Myself, and Autoplay.  If you would like to share a beautiful 3D book with your child, be sure to check out Poppy Cat and the Bubble Volcano!



Farm 123

Kids interactive books don’t come much better than The Farm 123 app. It has been out a while, but it has always been one of my favorite interactive books for younger children.  With Farm 123, kids can learn to count through a magical 3D experience.  As kids help Farmer Jo around the farm, they will learn the numbers 1 through 10.  The app is just like a real book, kids can turn the pages and then view pop-up scenes from different angles.  There are lots of animations in the fully-interactive scenes, including: cows jumping over the moon, pigs making a muddy splash, eggs hatching and much more.  Kids can count animals while putting them back in their pens, as well as sort them according to type of animal while putting them where they belong.  There is a great music score, and lots of fun sound effects, too.  If you would like to share a great 3D pop-up counting book with your child, be sure to check out Farm 123!



La Luna: The Story Project

La Luna: The Story Project is on our top 5 interactive books for kids based on a beloved Pixar short film, and was selected for the App Store’s Best of 2013.  Still a favorite in our house, the La Luna short film comes to life in this interactive storybook experience for the iPad.  Kids can watch the full theatrical release of the Academy Award-nominated short film, and explore the story in 3 interactive ways.  The app features original artwork and beautiful animation.  Children can swipe, tap and drag through the film with interactive video for an immersive experience.  There is also a neat feature that allows kids to explore the creation process from storyboard to layout to final animation.  If you would like to share a behind-the-scenes look at La Luna with your little one, be sure to check this app out!



Toy Story Read-Along

Another 2013 favorite in our house, Toy Story Read-Along!  This app is an absolute steal, as it is free!  Come along “to infinity and beyond” in this fully interactive reading experience with games, movie clips, coloring pages, sing-along songs and fun surprises on each page.  Kids can hear the story read aloud, record their own narration, and explore this book app at their own pace.  Woody, Buzz Lightyear and the whole gang are in this story that features character voices and sound effects from the film.  In addition to the story, kids can enjoy finger painting, sing-along songs from the movie and lots of fun interactive games.  If you would like to relive magical moments from the Toy Story movie, be sure to download this amazing free app!


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