TwinGo London Review
Ease of Use
  • Kids learn about new places
  • Fun and educational games
  • Poor narration
  • Spelling errors due to translation
  • Not engaging
3.2Overall Score
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Pack your bags and get ready for an international adventure with TwinGo London! Join Alicia, her brother Theo, his pet mouse Ozzie and their wise owl Livia Belivia as they explore the sights in London and try to solve a little mystery! Your child will learn interesting facts about England and challenge their knowledge and skills as they complete tasks along the way to earn money and clues to help them solve the mystery.

Alicia and her brother Theo have just left Kings Cross station when they discover that they have the wrong suitcase! The suitcase has the initials “SH” on the outside and inside contains a ticket and a map of London. The duo set out on a sightseeing tour of London to find clues and figure out who SH is and how to get their suitcase back. Your child must tap on the different locations on the map to visit famous places around town such as the Queens Theatre, Trafalgar Square, Big Ben and many more. At each location, Livia Belivia provides commentary and facts about that spot and the children meet several interesting characters who need their help. For example, at Big Ben they must move the clock hands to the time given on the screen. At the Queens Theatre, they must catch the correct color of paint droplets in the paint cans on stage. If your child is successful at completing each task, they are given coins which they must use to enter the train station and recover their stolen suitcase. They also earn clues to help them find SH and find their suitcase. They must also remember to take care of Ozzie and buy him popcorn to eat so he doesn’t get too hungry and fall asleep!

I really like the concept behind this app. I think it is important for kids to learn about the world around them and learn about other countries. I really liked how this app takes children to famous landmarks in London and try to teach them facts about each one while incorporating educational play into the mix. However, I felt like the execution was a little bit bland. The commentary by the owl at each location was a little long and boring, especially for younger children. Also, the dialogue between the characters sounds pretty monotone and doesn’t really do much to hold the listener’s attention. My children got bored of listening to the owl and the dialogue at each location and quickly figured out how to skip over all of that and just get to the games. By doing so, they missed most of the educational facts about each location which was regrettable to me, but I can’t say that I blame them. Also, it appears that this app was originally written in a different language and translated to English because there are several grammatical and spelling errors that I noticed in the instructions that are given for each task.

Overall, I’d say this app is mediocre at best. As I said before, I really liked the concept of the app and what it was trying to accomplish however I feel it fell short of achieving much learning because it was just not engaging enough. I did notice that there was a Free version in iTunes that included limited access to the activities so I would recommend that you try out the free version first and then if this app is for you, then go for the full version.

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