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Have you noticed the changes in some users’ twitter profiles? Now, the updates are available to all.  Easily accessible when you log on to twitter, you will have the option to preview your new profile before decided to make the change.

Here are the basic differences:

1) Profile picture: Your old picture will be in a box on the left side of the screen. You can now choose to upload a larger profile picture for the top. Make sure you are happy with how it looks on a desktop and mobile device. Twitter has a library of profile pictures to choose from.

2) Pinned tweet: choose one favorite tweet to pin to the top of your page.  Remember to change this pin every so often!

3) Best tweets: these are automatically chosen by twitter.  Your tweets that have the most engagement will appear larger.

4) Filtered Tweets: Choose from three different views in your timeline: regular tweets, tweets with photos and videos only, or tweets and replies.

New twitter profile – www.theiphonemom.com




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