Unblocit Free is a simple game that combines hidden pictures with gems that must be removed from the screen. As I’m reading that back again it sounds about as clear as mud. Let me try again….on your screen you’ll have rows of colored gems. The idea is to clear all of the gems from the screen, revealing a hidden picture. You clear the gems by tapping on those that are next to each other, in a set. The more gems in a set the more points you earn. Strategy comes into play when you look at the gems and think about what will end up where when you begin clearing sets. Or you can play like I do, tapping here and there with no planning. Trouble is, I run out of moves and I’ve yet to see one of the hidden pictures. A brilliant strategist I am not. The game itself is simple enough for preschoolers to pick up but I think it’s older children and adults who’ll have more success clearing all the gems off the screen.

I tried out Unblocit Free which comes with ads in the app. If you’d rather not deal with the ads then Unblocit is available for $2.99. I say try the free version and if you end up loving the game and hating the ads you can always upgrade.

Price when Reviewed: FREE

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Seller: NPC Unlimited

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this app for review purposes.

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