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Vikings VS Waves is a new viking-themed game for kids.  With Vikings VS Waves, kids can enjoy an infinite “runner” style game, except this time you are a viking in a ship!  I thought that this app featured a style of gameplay that would be fun for kids and adults.

The app has easy one-tap controls that are quick to pick up.  Kids will take control over a viking ship as it sets sail to conquer the realms one by one.  The goal is simple, use gravity to make the ship jump from wave to wave, while collecting boosts and coins along the way.  The key is to use the momentum of the waves to jump and increase speed so that your ship can jump even faster and farther.  It’s important that you gain speed, because you are also trying to outrun a serpent that is behind your ship.  If you go too slow, the serpent will catch up with you and devour your ship!

There are lots of achievements to complete and realms to unlock along your journey.   The game also features an in-game shop where kids can purchase fun ships, characters and bonus levels.  If you are looking for a fun “runner” style game for your kids, be sure to check out Vikings VS Waves, it’s a fun one!

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