Voxel is a free universal app that is “like Legos in space” according to the App Store. With a few taps on the screen you can create a 3D model that will rotate and spin on your screen. A grid can be turned on for guidance or blocks can be placed anywhere on the screen. They can be stacked side by side, on top of each other – the possibilities are endless as you rotate and spin the model. Blocks can be changed into different colors to create exactly the look you’re going for.

With this free version you may create one model. If you upgrade to the paid version for $2.99 you’ll be able to create as many block models as you like and you’ll also be able to save the model. If you have a Lego lover or model builder in your home then this free app is worth a look.

Price when Reviewed: FREE with $2.99 in-app purchase

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Seller: Fat Black Films

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