Children have the opportunity to explore the world’s continents and countries  with the educational app, Wander Our World. The geography app lays out a world map and as children tap on the different continents they’ll hearing them identified by a child’s voice and see the name appear on screen. They can then zoom in to take a closer look at the countries which make up each continent.When children tap on the individual countries they will hear them identified by the child’s voice and see the country labeled on  the screen.  An extra tap cues up festive music that relates to the region, and the country’s flag and several pictures  associated with the country appear. These could be landmarks, unique architecture, works of art or perhaps an animal that lives in that area. The pictures are identified with a caption. 

I enjoyed taking some time with Wander Our World to explore the maps. I like how the app begins with the large world map and then allows children to zoom in for more details on the individual countries.  I hope that in a future update the developers add a “read aloud” option to the picture captions. As of right now children have to read (or have an adult read) the captions for the included pictures. It would be nice to have just that extra bit of audio to expand the age range of those who can use the app independently. I also think it would benefit independent readers to be able to hear the correct pronunciation of those words and names. It would also be nice to see extra details like capitals, population and perhaps an interesting fact or two about each country included.  The included photographs and music provide a lively touch and I enjoyed learning new things and sharing new parts of the world with my children.

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this app for review purposes. 

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Heather is a a semi-sane stay at home mom of four who’s married to a smart techie fellow. He talked her into an iPhone (followed by an iPad, replaced by the iPad 2 after an unfortunate incident involving the roof of her van) and has been a happy woman ever since. The phone has been great for her, great for her kids and they’re having a good time playing around with the endless applications.

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  1. Andrea

    I have 2 kids (5&8) and they both LOVE this!! It’s very creative & fun!

    • Irene

      Thank you for posting your comment, Andrea! I am so happy to hear that the girls love this app. 🙂

  2. Fred

    My 5 and 7 year olds enjoy this app. The nice thing is that it is very intuitive. The kids require very little instruction navigating this app.

    • Irene

      It was developed with little kids in mind and they tested it along the way! Thanks for being a fan!


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