Today I’m taking a nice break from the educational apps that I’ve been reviewing lately. This app is Wanderland and it offers up a simple, never ending game. Wanderland takes place in a magical forest. You begin in a tree house and you can tap around the screen to change the decorations, curtains and toys in your room. You will be playing as an elf-like creature and you can tap on the head, torso and legs to change it’s complete look. As soon as you’re ready to explore it’s time to venture out into the Wanderland forest.

By tapping on the screen you direct your character around the forest. You’ll want to keep tapping because you never know what you might discover. You can tap on the caterpillars and turn them into butterflies. Tap on seeds and watch them grow into magical plants with silly surprises. At the bottom of the screen you have a collection jar. As you explore Wanderland you can tap and drag items into the jar. I collected bugs, a turtle, building blocks and a dime on my latest walk. At any point you can take a look inside the jar and sort through or play with the contents. TIlt your iPhone to see what happens. Stack the blocks on top of each other, what you do with your treasures is completely up to you. Wanderland has no ending, the game is only over when you are ready to return to your tree house. The next time you visit you’ll find your collection still waiting in your jar.

Wanderland’s free-flowing game style was a welcome change from a more structured app. The graphics are full of whimsy and secrets. The App Store description recommends the app for ages 3-8 and I think that’s pretty much right on. I might even say ages 3-7 because my eight year old isn’t interested in this one, but that might just be her. If you’re looking for an app that puts the control of the game in the hands of your child’s curiosity then I recommend Wanderland.

Price when Reviewed: $1.99

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Seller: Elf Farm

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this app for review purposes.

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